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I’m on a quest to make a life-long impact on the lives of everyone I connect with by inspiring them with the tools that bring awareness to the potential they hold within themselves.

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Julie Riesler

CEO and Founder at Julie Riesler, Life Designer, Author of "Get a PhD in You", Speaker, Podcast Host

I believe Les is an old soul and is here to teach us as human beings how we can be more connected to our highest self, to our sacred potential, and something way greater than us. He does a great job making those connections. I think Les is fantastic, brilliant, and bold. He is such a wise leader and phenomenal teacher. He is illuminating the way for many people on how to look at life from a lens that will help them to step into their highest potential.


Neil Collins

Co-Founder/Owner at Latitude Realty and Property Management

Thoreau says that "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." That leaves the question, do you want to lead an average life where you blend into the masses? Or do you want to choose to lead a life rich with experiences and self realization? Les has chosen to be a beacon in the dark and his words, his philosophy, and his life are a testament of this. He is one of those thought leaders that I always will take the time to tune in to and integrate his messages into my own life. Thanks for all you do!


Rob Dial

Owner and Host at Rob Dial

Les is a great communicator. He always has a positive attitude and is very passionate about helping people find their motivation and achieve their full potential. He adapts to change and works very well with others. Les is a great person who will not only achieve his dreams with hard work and dedication, but also uplift those around him and inspire them to do the same.


Jesse Harless

Owner and Founder at Entrepreneurs in Recovery

Les is an inspirational leader who helps people see the beauty in the small things. I'm grateful to watch as he continues to awaken the hearts and minds of countless others. Thanks for expanding the consciousness of so many people including myself.

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