Les McDaniel

Inspired Speaker

Leadership Wholeness Guide

For More Than 25 Years

I’ve been blessed to work with entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations encouraging them to rethink their definition of greatness and making them more aware of the impact they could have on our world.

We human beings are pretty amazing when you really stop to think about it.

What would Your World Look Like If You Realized Your Vision?

My mission is to inspire all people to their truest potential in two ways. First, as a servant of inspiration for those that our world has labeled as outsiders. Second, as a servant of conscious expansion across, political, business, religious and individual boundaries.

My vision is to love humanity, promote peace on our shared home and honor the collective truth we share as Divine Image bearers.

There is NO FEAR in LOVE!

When love is realized as the Source of all things – the Energy that sustains -then we no longer differentiate the love of spouse, child, friend or enemy. Love leads me in the dance of life even when I step all over it’s toes.

In 2016 my wife had a stroke that really shook our family, but her optimism and determination were so inspiring during her recovery. To this day she continues to be one of my biggest fans.

Beyond that, my children are truly inspiring to me as well. They are all confident in who they are and are exploring this life with boldness. They truly challenge me to be a better father and human being.

What Motivates You to do What You Do?

I feel the most alive when I am able to be face to face speaking to individuals, businesses or organizations looking for ways to work together co-creating a better world. I want my children, grandchildren and yours to learn ways to want less and share more.

Suffering is the result of unmet expectations. It is the belief that we are operating from scarcity and that filling the void of our life comes from outside of our own ability. I want to teach others ways to understand and unlearn toxic patterns so they can begin to discover their true self and chase after their dreams without insecurities holding them back.

I am motivated by a desire to relieve suffering in this world.

I want to leave this home better than it was before I arrived. I long to help others understand their fears as nothing more than a false belief in a future reality that is worse than this present moment.

Fears are beliefs in things that do not exist.

Love is Source Energy Flowing in All and Through All, No Matter What!

My spiritual tradition teaches that “All things work to the glory of God.” Christ teaches that when it rains, it does so on the evil and the good. LOVE is not out for itself. LOVE is not envious of others. It doesn’t brag about its accomplishments. Ultimately, LOVE doesn’t fail. It simply LOVES always at all times, no matter what.

When LOVE is understood in this way, as Source Energy or God, we recognize that it is not something we do or show. Rather it is something we enter into. Like a river that flows from the Source, LOVE erodes away everything that is not Truth and covers it with GRACE and PEACE.